Sunday, January 12, 2014

A is for Alice Blue Inchie

Oh, I'm running behind as usual, but I am determined to stay on top of the inchies, so I can't miss the first one.  When I saw ALICE BLUE, I wasn't sure what direction to go.  There is the real "Alice Blue" based on Alice Roosevelt and then there is the Alice in Wonderland "blue dress" and it got me thinking of the many shades of blue.  So I decided to simply make a collage of Alice Bluish colored hearts...  Has anyone else noticed that one inch art projects are actually harder than full size projects?  SHEESH!   Here she is!


  1. I am so glad that I scrolled down!!! I didnt see this in the group flickr page so I am glad I didnt miss it. This one is adorable, what a great job!!! I am glad that you are joining us on this inchie art journey. Yes they sound easier then they are to make (at times) lol Look forward to seeing what you make.

  2. Morning Jenn! OOOhhhh I love this! What did you put over it? It looks so shiny and beautiful! And I like all the different blues. I think you're gonna be a natural at Inchies! Love ya!!! See you soon!! :0) Share Humanity

  3. I actually used GLUE! IT dries so shiny =) I was reallly tempted to do the same thing on the amulet, but Dean said he thought the ink from the writing would blur. I think it would have, but just enough to look cool. Ah well... it is what it is!