Sunday, March 9, 2014

E is for EXPLODE Inchie

Oh boy.  I'm not doing well when I'm posting these the day before my next one is due.  I promise to do better  =)  In fact, I'm about to get started on the next one.

For explode a lot of things popped into my head.  At one point you were going to see a champagne bottle with the cork popped, then there were fireworks, but then the whole Wile E Coyote cartoon explosion popped into my head and I decided it was time to sketch a cartoon.  So I did.  I present to you, EXPLODE!

I have to say, it's funny how you don't see the million imperfections when working inside an inch, until you blow that bad boy up with your photo editing software.  YIKES!  So, maybe EXPLODE needs a little refinement, but hey, it's a cartoon.  I'm off to ponder Engrave for tomorrow's Every Inchie Monday challenge.


  1. I love this one, great idea never thought about that. Glad you mentioned tomorrows inchie as it made me look and realized I did the wrong one!!! So now I too am off to make tomorrows inchie. great job as usual

    1. THANK YOU! Just finished mine. I think I'm going to try to work ahead! haha

  2. Nice one Jenn!!! Looks like you went and bought some new toys???And ya' know what, I think you put a bee in my bonnet to look at tomorrow's word and try making it tonight! I usually never look at the word, until Monday morning. Let's take a look!!! Muah!!! :0) Share Humanity