Monday, July 28, 2014

Orange & Odd Inchies

Just call me every other Monday Inchie!   Um, Every Other Inchie Monday....  whatever

So, Orange is my total favorite color right now.  In fact, almost all of my clothes are orange lately... I'm obsessed!  So, I was pleased to have orange as our word!  I went with a poppy (or my interpretation of a poppy) because I also love poppies!  My orange poppy makes me happy.  A cheerful color and a cheerful flower  =)


And because as we all know, I'm always late, I present you with last week's "Odd".  I actually could not get Koontz's Odd Thomas out of my head, but could not really think of a way to depict that so the other "odd" thing in my head was... well, you can see it... ODD DUCK.  Yeah, line drawing animals isn't my best talent, but here's my Odd Duck.

Have a fab week my friends!  Next week we'll have a little Privacy on Every Inchie Monday!


  1. I love the Odd Thomas/ Odd Duck idea, very good drawing as well, drawing in an inch is not an easy job, but you have made it look simple! I also love the Poppy, what an awesome tak on the theme. Orange is also a big time favorite of mine as well. I have Orange in most all my clothes! great job this week

  2. Thanks! I was pleased with both of them! I actually did them fairly quickly with just pens and pencils.

  3. Your orange poppy is lovely - so vibrant. and your odd duck is a great idea and well done.