Monday, February 24, 2014

C is for Chocolate Inchie

OH, better late than never.  Next time I need to work ahead when I'm going on vacation so I don't get so behind.  I had a lot of ideas about "chocolate".  I kind of just wanted to create a "piece of chocolate" like you'd find in a box from See's or something, but I could never find the materials I had in mind.  Then I thought of drawing a box of chocolates and lamented not owning a set of colored pencils... THOSE are on my wishlist now.  I guess I need a trip to Michaels!  Eventually, I thought about all of this old leftover Halloween candy I had and came up with the bright idea to use the wrappers to create another type of collage.  You know I like those collages!  So, here it is.  Can you read it?

Inspiration by Every Inchie Monday

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