Monday, February 24, 2014

D is for Dual Inchie

Dual has so many possibilities.  The weird thing was that when I thought ahead to it, all I could think of was doing a square that was half black and half white!  I dunno why.  I just could not get that out of my head.  But, once I was ready to go, I knew I wasn't going there.    Then I looked up the definition for dual.  I like to do that for inspiration sometimes.  When I read

dual (ˈdjuːəl)
1. relating to or denoting two

I immediately thought about love.  Maybe it's Valentine's Day still in the air or maybe it was the excellent time I had with my husband on vacation last week, but I decided two wedding rings was the depiction of dual I wanted to go with.

Happy belated Valentine's Day to my Every Inchie Monday friends!

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