Monday, April 7, 2014

G is for Game Inchie

Oh, so many things ran through my mind for Game for this weeks Every Inchie Monday.  How do you pick just ONE game???   Well, I didn't.  I fell back to my old favorite medium of the collage.  I finally dug out a bunch of scrap-booking supplies and found a lot of fun things.  I'm even kind of inspired to maybe make some photo albums... we'll see.  But, I found some fun goodies and put together this inchie for your pleasure.  I kinda like it.  Hope you don't mind the funky angle, but it shows all of the aspects best.


  1. Now this is one amazing Inchie!!! I just love when you collage them. I am gonna have to put myself to the challenge and try it one of these weeks. Now that the anniversary is over,..... a little more time to play! :0) Share Humanity

  2. I have all of these IDEAS for really COOOOOL collages, but I haven't made that happen yet. Soon... this year, I will put some of these ideas into reality, darn it!